Airboard Edge Safety Hitch Setup

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The Airboard Storage Shelf for trailers is the perfect way to organize and store your belongings while camping in your Airstream trailer. This handy shelf is easy to install and can be used to store anything from safety equipment, water hoses and electrical cables, hitching supplies such as towels and lubricant or general camping equipment. The best part is that the Airboard is made from durable and weather-resistant materials, designed to last the lifetime of your trailer. Join the many Airstream owners that have installed an Airboard Storage Shelf in the unused area of their trailers LP Cover.

The Streamlight is a solar powered light that is quick and easy to install on the front rock guards (segment protectors) of the both types of Airstream trailers, traditional and Basecamp models. Enjoy the convenience of displaying your Big Red Numbers at your campsite with day and night identification. For a limited time use Discount Code 1LIGHT2023 for a 10% discount on 4 BRN Streamlight Stainless Steel Model orders. Order now Discount Code Expires 3-1-2023.  

Visit our website and place an order for the Airboard or Streamlight BRN Solar Powered Light. 

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