Why Airboard? Made in USA

Why AIRBOARD? You know how when you’re setting up or breaking camp in
your Airstream and the tool or piece of equipment you need is
stored in the rear compartment? Or the piece of equipment you need to simplify
the hitching process is just not where you really need it? 

You end up walking all the way to the back of your trailer to retrieve
an item that should be handy and up front for hitching and unhitching.

 Our AIRBOARD helps to solve this problem by creating
a convenient place to store the essential items you need to start relaxing and
start camping faster. Hitching up and hitting the road home or pushing off to
your next fun destination becomes a simpler process.

The AIRBOARD was developed after observing seasoned Airstream owners connecting their trailers at campgrounds. We reviewed hundreds
of comments on social media relating to the LP Cover space, Airstream, read forum conversations, and
watched videos YouTube.

We concluded that there is unused space inside the LP Cover that can be
utilized as storage space at the front of the trailer. That is how the Airboard
was born!.

Supporting Search and Rescue Canines and Handlers, and ACi Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Airstream owners with quality, Made in America product that increases exterior storage space. We partner with talented craftsman in wood and metal fabricating shops around Los Angeles, California to produce a product that is carefully crafted and tailored to the needs of Airstream enthusiast.
Although the domestic production price is much higher than importing the AIRBOARD,
we believe the ability to discuss product material, variety, color, texture and other important elements of bringing the AIRBOARD system to the Airstream community is

Our Vision

Our company is dedicated to producing a variety of high-quality, American-made recreational vehicle products that promote outdoor fun and camping. We are committed to employing local workers and supporting the domestic economy. Our goal is to provide our customers with an enjoyable experience and make them happy campers!

Become one of the satisfied group of customers at Airboardshop.com.

Join us on our journey as we add to our series of useful recreational vehicle products designed to promote American ingenuity and make camping more fun.   

We are avid Airstream Owners, ACI Members and Rally Exhibitors.