Elevate Your Airstream Experience with’s Luxurious Leather Curtain Strap

Renowned as the "high-end classy version of an RV" within the industry, Airstream trailers boast unparalleled elegance. However, when it comes to securing your privacy curtain, why settle for a plastic nylon strap? Introducing the baby soft, brown leather curtain strap – a functional and stylish upgrade designed for Airstream enthusiasts.
This leather curtain strap is more than just a practical solution; it's a touch of sophistication that pays proper homage to your Airstream's beauty and deserves the devotion it commands. Each Curtain Strap package, adorned with a familiar trailer icon, includes all necessary hardware, Velcro, and user-friendly instructions for a hassle-free installation. Priced competitively with plastic replacements, this leather strap adds a timeless aesthetic to your trailer, effortlessly outshining its plastic counterparts.
Not only does the package offer a superior alternative, but it also guarantees longevity, likely surpassing the lifespan of your trailer itself. Discover this luxurious upgrade on our website, or simply inquire about it at your trusted Airstream dealer. Give your Airstream the refined touch it deserves with the Leather Curtain Strap – because high-end and classy Airstream trailers deserve nothing less.
Find it for sale on our website HERE or ask for it at your Airstream dealer.
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