Store More with Airboard Edge - The Premier Exterior Storage Solution for LP Tank Covers


     At the forefront of's offerings stands the Airboard™, a revolutionary exterior storage solution conceived by Airstream® owner Christopher Cooper. Specifically designed for Airstream® trailers, this innovation enables Airstreamers to expand storage beyond the confines of their beloved trailers, fitting seamlessly into the 20-30 lb. L P Tank Cover. Evolving from a basic wooden shelf to today's sophisticated Airboard Edge™, crafted from diamond plate aluminum with raised edges to prevent items from rolling off, the product has undergone significant refinement.
     Available in diamond plate and powder-coated Streaming Silver, Charcoal, Exella® blue, and Ruby Red, the Airboard Edge™ can be acquired through Airstream® dealers or the company's website. This product marked the turning point for the company, transforming it from a single-product entity to a diversified manufacturer. Today, the Company offers a range of products compatible with Airstream® trailers, enriching the Airstream lifestyle and experience. Praised by "Loving Life Hitched Up" videographers as "one of the best inventions out there," it effectively utilizes otherwise unused space.

     Christopher Cooper, the visionary behind Airboard, recognized the need for outdoor storage for gloves, tools, hoses, and electrical extension equipment. Faced with a lack of suitable solutions, he embarked on a journey that culminated in the creation of the Airboard Edge™. Cooper's dedication and responsiveness to suggestions led the company to expand its product line. Starting as a single product, the Company evolved into a comprehensive enterprise now offering four major products and various accessories for Airstream® trailers, with plans to introduce four more in 2024.
     With almost 1,000 Airboards in the market, the design seamlessly complements the elegance of Airstream® trailers. Its tool-free installation, completed in seconds, provides an immediate stable storage platform using a spacer bolt, wing nut and the Airboard Edge™. The company also offers hose straps for additional item security, and the Airboard Edge™ is warranted for the life of the trailer.

     In early 2024, the company will unveil the Air Dome™, an innovative addition suitable for the 20-30 lb. L P tank cover. Replacing the standard cover, the Air Dome™, in tandem with Airboard, increases storage beneath the L P Tank Cover lid to 8 inches or 3300+ cubic inches. Described by Cooper as transforming storage from "zero to hero," the Air Dome™ doesn't interfere with trailer’s front window awning operation.

Discover expanded storage possibilities with Airboard and Air Dome! 


Purchase the Airboard on the website HERE or ask your Airstream® dealer for the product.

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